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Quasi-cristalline tilings in Islamic Architecture

That sure is a mouth full :) If you’re into tilings, symmetry and computer graphics like I am, you’ll love not only the beautiful results, but also the elegant mathematics behind it.

Check the paper here: Decagonal and Quasi-Crystalline Tilings in Medieval Islamic Architecture by Peter J. Lu1 and Paul J. Steinhardt (don’t worry, no math formula’s after the jump!)

And while we’re at it, I’d love to combine the work we did on the Epa:kato design tool with the use of images. Some methods are explained in the last sections of the following paper:

Enjoy! ;) Dihedral Escherization by Craig S. Kaplan & David H. Salesin



Folding structure

Found this amazing folding structure by Ryan McCaffrey:

Duct tape and blocks of wood. That’s how I like it :)


Modern Cello – Ben Solee

I have been on the lookout for modern uses of cello, because, at the moment, I am still quite fed up with all the classical pieces that I’ve had to play over the years.

So, when I find someone who is young, talented and uses the cello for some more contemporary tunes, I’m in. Here’s Ben Solee – Boys don’t cry.

YouTube Preview Image


The amazing connections

Have you ever watched documentaries on National Geographic or Discovery Channel? Then you probably know the obnoxious American commentator and the bare minimum of interesting facts and a shitload of over-dramatized nonsense. See, that’s why people don’t like documentaries as much nowadays.

There is a cure. He is called James Burke. and his documentaries are a combination of witty presentation skills, funny historical sketches, an amazing tempo and enthousiasm and finally a roller coaster ride of interesting facts, plot twists and amazing discoveries.

Why don’t more people make documentaries like these ones? I guess because it’s pretty damn hard.

The series Connections is a must-watch for every designer / inventor that wants to understand why we have all this designed stuff around us, how it came to be and what you should know about the business of inventing:

“At no time in the past did anybody who had anything to do with the business of inventing or changing things ever know what the full effect of his actions would be.”

Connections 1 Episode 1: The Trigger Effect on Youtube (5 parts)

You’ll get it from here.

YouTube Preview Image

I want a James Burke T-shirt!

Web Design

Studio Ludens website WIP

Working lavishly to get the new studio:ludens website up and running. Here are a couple of screenshots of the progress:

The site is implemented as a WordPress theme. I have to say that I like using WordPress as a CMS-platform, especially because it is quick to set up and has lots of extensions available.


Cello improvisation videos

Pretty cool cello improv using Ableton Live. I think the cello has a lot of experimentation possibilities. Some of which I want to explore.

I’m still figuring what my best setup should be.

Enjoy these videos!

YouTube Preview Image

Cosmo D Improvisation # 4

With loop station.